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can't stop the signal
icons by irishais
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5th-Aug-2012 05:00 pm - Wallpaper: Seifer/Quistis
you promised me
x1 1024x768 wallpaper, FFVIII, Seifer/Quistis

don't thinkCollapse )
5th-Aug-2012 12:02 am - Wallpaper: Ultimecia
don't stop running
...sup, icon journal, it's been a long damn time since I updated you! (I am mostly hosting things on irishais versus here, but IT IS TIME TO FIX THAT.) I just got a new editing program and now have to actually figure out how it works, so experiments, yay.

x1 1024x768 wallpaper (Ultimecia, FFVIII).

tick tockCollapse )
4th-May-2009 08:50 pm - COSPLAYER: amazonmandy
you promised me
x5 icons for amazonmandy

These are not for general use. Please do not take them unless you are amazonmandy.

13th-Dec-2008 12:22 pm - FIREFLY: "Safe"
you promised me
x37 Firefly icons from the episode "Safe"

yeah, well, she's our witch, so cut her the hell downCollapse )
11th-Dec-2008 06:38 pm - FFX
you promised me
x8 Yuna, Yuna/Tidus icons

redeem us from our solemn hour.Collapse )
7th-Nov-2008 02:06 pm - Moving!
you promised me
All graphics posts that are on this journal will remain here; for all future posts, please subscribe to the irish_ais_rss feed, because I am moving all writing, media, and graphics to irish-ais on blogspot in order to consolidate my presence on the internet.

Thanks for the support; all the RSS feeds will be appropriately headed so that you can easily find the graphics.
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