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can't stop the signal

icons by irishais

7 May 1986
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  • irishaicons@livejournal.com
  • xirishais
The lovely (at least I pretend to think so) icon journal of irish_ais, my personal journal, and irishais, my writing journal.

Rules for use:

All I ask is that you comment if you take anything. Honestly, I'm not a real stickler for how you use 100x100 pixel pictures, as long as you don't claim you made the ones in this journal.

Texture credits (list updated every few weeks):

Looks Like Rain @ devArt
CandyCrack @ devArt
Sanami276 @ devArt
ShadyMedusa-stock @ devArt
Cybele24 @ devArt
YellowGinn @ devArt
maytel @ devArt
plastica-lili @ devArt
Vamp-Kiss @ devArt
azureluck @ devArt
chaoticfae @ devArt
jocosity @ devArt
madika555 @ devArt
discolore @ devArt